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TriLine Index Solutions, an affiliate of BP Capital Fund Advisors and an SEC-registered investment advisor, designs passive index strategies for ETF stocks and insurance products.  

The team that advises BOON concluded that a contemporary approach must include the demand side of the energy equation and not be “married” to upstream ETF stocks, which historically is more sensitive to commodity price cycles. The design is informed by the decades of experience and energy thought leadership of T. Boone Pickens and his team. Renowned as a geologist, businessman, and shareholder activist, Pickens has publicly advocated for the expansion of U.S. energy resources through the Pickens Plan, a nationally-recognized movement.


NYSE® Pickens Oil Response™ ETF (Ticker: BOON) seeks to track the performance of the NYSE® Pickens Oil Response™ Index (NYPORPR), which aims to redefine energy investing. The ETF stock includes the suppliers of energy as well as companies that benefit from oil and gas consumption and increasing demand/throughput. The price of oil has the potential to impact not just energy companies, but also many other industries as well, and the NYSE® Pickens Oil Response™ ETF stock seeks to benefit from this reality. We believe this approach is more balanced and better reflects the realities of the new global energy markets in a post-shale era.

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